Zia Carriage Driving Club


OCTOBER 9 & 10, 2010         TWIN PINE FARM         LAS CRUCES, NM

A lesson with Bethy Beymer will focus is on rider/driver position, suppleness and balance to help the horse’s balance and way of going. With an emphasis on lightness, she also uses gymnastic exercises to help horse and rider/driver gain confidence to move up the levels, whether through groundwork, under saddle or in harness.  


Beth has been passionate about horses and has trained and shown various breeds of horses since age 13. She has a total of 41 years of experience training horses, 25 of those years training Dressage. Beth is a multi-discipline trainer with a focus on ridden Dressage. She has successfully shown horses of all breeds to Third Level and is currently schooling her Fjord stallion, BDF Obelisk, at Grand Prix (including Spanish Alta Esquela movements such as Spanish Walk.) Introduced to driving a team during her early teen-age years, Beth has trained and driven horses for single, pairs, tandem and four-in-hand.


In driving, Beth has worked with Mary Ruth Marks, Olaf Nyby and Boots Wright. She has ridden in clinics with Conrad Schumacher, Jan Nibben (current coach for the Spanish Olympic Dressage team), Max Gawyler, Sidley Paine and Janet Foy. She has attended several symposiums with her dressage idol, Dr. Reiner Klimke, as well as Walter Zettel, Stephan Peters and Lars Petersen. Though her formative training was with Buck Brannaman in colt starting, problem solving, trailer loading, ranch roping and cattle work, her focus remains Dressage. She has also worked with Ray Hunt and Bryan Neubert, and attended clinics with Tom Dorrance. 


Beth and her partner, Sandy North, breed, raise and train Norwegian Fjord Horses. Starfire Farm is best known for the Starfire Farm Quadrille, a team coached by Beth that has performed at the National Western Stock Show, as well as other venues, for over 12 years. Beth’s choreography highlights driving, jumping and dressage together in the Quadrille’s performances.

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